Creative Director + Photographer


Milestones from my career.

12 Years in the Making

Upon graduating from the University of Texas in May of 2007, I was working two jobs — as a barista and a law firm assistant office manager. However, the internship that I landed with a local fitness publication — Austin Fit Magazine (AFM) — two days after graduating is where it all began. Three months later I was on payroll as a part-time assistant art director and then gladly dropped the barista job. Six months into the AFM role, the creative director left and I assumed the full-time position only having a few months experience in the magazine business. Issue after issue, month after month, the magazine got bigger and better. Fast forward 11 years and you get 10,000 pages of content experience in creating, producing, managing, designing, photographing, and directing from in-house or remotely.

This is the essence of my creative agency, TheFit.Biz. It’s the culmination of everything I’ve learned from my experience in the content creation world. My goal is to always bring good energy, just like a personal trainer does, to every interaction that we have. I live to create content, share uplifting stories, and connect with people who want to leave with that feel-good feeling.

So here’s to 12 years — and many more to come!