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I moved to Austin in 2003 and four years later I graduated from The University of Texas with a journalism degree and a concentration in multimedia design. Since then I’ve been working for a monthly fitness publication, Austin Fit Magazine (AFM). I’ve had the pleasure of meeting influential people in Austin’s community and made it a practice to utilize my journalism expertise to connect with the subjects–bridging their story to produce impactful content. I can proudly say that I’ve produced over 125 issues of varying publications such as running event guides like: Austin Marathon, AFM FITTEST, TFG, and magazines like: North County Kids Magazine, Nashville Fit MagazineAustin Runner Magazine, and Austin Fit Magazine.

In the past, I helped create and manage a global philanthropic event that benefits local communities. My friends and partners: Kyle, Ryan and I are the creators of the philanthropic Undie Run. Since the inception of the Undie Run in 2006, we’ve donated over 200,000 pounds of clothing to local social service agencies around the country. In 2011, Virgin Mobile partnered with us to help raise over 20,000 pounds of clothing. In 2010, AXE was title sponsor and helped not only helped us donate over 25,000 pounds of clothing, but we also donated $50,000 to the participating local communities across the country. We know the future is bright and we're honored to give back to the many people who are less fortunate than us. “Philanthropy just got sexy!”

I’m outgoing and lead an active lifestyle. I love testing and reviewing workout classes, fitness apparel and products, and healthy food everywhere I go. I wouldn't be able to move around so freely without Vuori Clothing. I'm also proud to be one of Vuori's #TheRiseTheShine influencers. They have come in and totally rocked the guys athletic apparel market. I'm sure glad they did, too. Look for more reviews on my instagram account. Let's connect and share our experiences.

I’m proficient in Adobe CC, Final Cut Pro X, WordPress, HTML, CSS, Microsoft Office, and social media platforms and applications.


  1. John Paul DeJoria, Eloise DeJoria, & Alexis DeJoria
  2. Luci Baines Johnson
  3. Tyler Haney, Outdoor Voices
  4. Andy Roddick
  5. Willie Nelson
  6. BEVO XV
  7. Ricky Williams
  8. Colt McCoy
  9. Trey Hardee
  10. Sanya Richards-Ross
  11. Aaron Ross
  12. Cory Redding
  13. Emmanual Acho
  14. Leo Manzano
  15. Monica Brant
  16. Cat Osterman
  17. Sergeant Omar "Crispy" Avila
  18. Jess Pryles
  19. Tim Wooliver
  20. Bruce Collie
  21. Ross Bennett
  22. Ann Wolfe
  23. Alicia Marie
  24. Jamie Eason
  25. Ally Davidson
  26. Carly & Clayton Christopher
  27. Kristine Lilly
  28. Shauna Martin
  29. Brigitte Nicole Buckholtz
  30. Aubrey Marcus
  31. Whitney Miller
  32. Jena May
  33. Omar "Crispy" Avila
  34. Kacy Catanzaro
  35. Tyler Haney
  36. Ricky Berens
  37. Garrett Weber-Gale
  38. Brendan Hansen
  39. Kirk Watson
  40. Marion Jones

Client List

  1. Austin Fit Magazine
  2. Austin Fraser
  3. Austin Sculpt & Tone
  4. Austin Yoga MeetUp
  5. Bliss and Baker
  6. Chariot - Your Commute Solved
  7. CrossFit Central
  8. Everyday Ritual Co.
  9. Ford Motor Company
  10. HEAT Bootcamp
  11. Hill Country Indoor
  12. In Sweat We Trust Series
  14. Lee Merritt Swimwear
  15. Lexus
  16. Lincoln Motor Company
  17. North County Kids Magazine
  18. Premier Law Group
  19. Rae Cosmetics
  20. Relentless Bootcamp
  21. RIDE Indoor Cycling
  22. Sente Mortgage
  23. SmartWater
  24. STRONGCAMP by STRONG Fitness Magazine
  25. Stretch Yoga
  26. Stronghorn Fitness
  27. StudioHop
  28. Texas Waste Management
  29. Texican Cafe
  30. The University of Texas Club
  31. Thunderbird Real Food Bars
  32. Vuori Clothing
  33. Wanderlust Yoga - Austin, TX
  34. Wild Heart Yoga
  35. Wink Med


"Thanks for today - I was kind of dreading taking a bunch of pictures and the process was fun!"
Dr. Audrey VanDeWalle Tsogbe - American Chiropractic Clinic of Austin

"The reason I chose you to be my photographer was because I thought you'd be fun!"
Katy Gassaway, RYT, @KatyDoesYoga Instagram

"You were amazing!!! Between juggling shooting on slippery rocks, swatting away the million mosquitoes and taking the pictures, you were such a #Pro."
Mo D.

"Was so hard to choose, so many good ones. We will be working together again very soon. I’m really impressed! 
Shea Boland, @sheaboland Instagram

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"Do what you love, and you’ll never
work a day in your life."