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A 100-Mile Challenge by HealthCode

Every year I take on at least one fitness challenge. It could be a road race, trail race, or a monthly challenge. This year I was introduced to Steve Amos, founder of, a nonprofit that encourages people and businesses to exercise and build healthier communities. You can see the leaderboards of variety of people or institutions from all over the country on their website. I like to automatically sync my miles through a fitness tracker like MapMyFitness or Strava.

It’s simple. Choose the challenge and start logging those miles. This month (October) is a challenge called Marathon in a Month. You can choose your distance 26.2, 50, or 100 miles during the 31-day month of October. I chose to challenge my fitness level and log 100 running miles. That means I will have to run a little more than a 5K per day. Thank goodness October has 31 days!

If you’d like to follow along and see how I fair along the way, I’ll be posting it on my Instagram and Facebook stories. If you’re in Austin and like running on the trail, come join me, I’d love to have a partner!