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Atlas Camera Backpack Review

Here's the review I gave for an article about the top 5 things to do in Colordao in 5 days:

This moderate to difficult trail offers spectacular views and even better photo opportunities of the surrounding mountains and downtown Boulder. With a round trip time of two hours, there's no reason not to squeeze this into your visit. Sanitas, meaning "health," is a great way to start your morning. Get up to the top before sunrise and see the whole valley light up as the sun peeks over the mountaintops. I chose to bring my Atlas camera backpack because I can safely store my DSLR Nikon d750 with lenses and batteries, leaving a few compartments open to store food, water, extra clothes, and gear all within the same bag. Be on the lookout for mountain lions who do inhabit this area, but you'll most likely see coyotes, foxes, mule deer, and raptors.

Best Uses:

Travel Photography: Expands to carry everything during travel, including a small laptop or tablet.  Then empty and compress to reduce size for nimble, on-site shooting.

Outdoor/Adventure Photography:  Hiking, Skiing, Biking - enough capacity for overnight camping, small enough for fast and nimble day-hiking when compressed.

General Day-to-Day Use:  Small enough for most day-to-day uses without getting in the way, yet expandable to swallow huge loads of non-camera gear.

Weston Carls