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Milestones from my career.

My First Published Cover Photo

"Weston, can you do this?" The question I've been waiting to answer for a long time.  

We have a photographer on retainer at Austin Fit Magazine who I've been asking photography questions like a boy to his parents when first experiencing the world every time we produced a photoshoot together. Over those 8 years, Brian Fitzsimmons has been mentoring me to the point that AFM would have the trust to ask me to photograph a high-profile person who would grace the cover of our September 2017 Body Issue. It was Outdoor Voices founder Tyler Haney. You see, the scheduling of a business owner can be quite challenging. At one point, Brian was able to shoot, and then he wasn't able to because he was out of town. Once the date was settled, and it was me who was asked to shoot, I knew that this was perhaps the only chance that I get to show what I'm best at: bringing out your true smile.

My answer to the question: "YES." :)

The team chose my photograph, and since I design the magazine, I went in knowing how I wanted the cover to look. This content production journey is something that I could have never dreamt, but I am surely enjoying this ride on Cloud9. 

Tyler Haney by Weston Carls.jpg

Here's Tyler Haney's Instagram Post: