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Clothing Influencers

I never really understood the philosophy behind lululemon's ambassadorships. You must be a trainer to be considered. I meet about 20 new people in the health and fitness industry on a monthly basis. Trainers will see the regular clients and maybe people who want to try the class once and don't come back. I build meaningful relationships with the people I meet through engagement and rapport. I digress.

Well look what I found! This Encinitas, CA company Vuori Clothing is advertising on Facebook. Okay, well, let's apply to be one of their influencers and see what happens. Why not? I made the pitch and a couple weeks later I was able to proudly rep Vuori and their mission halfway across the USA, right here in Austin. The company has since grown tremendously and my social posts make "Top Posts" on their instagram hashtag #TheRiseTheShine page.

This was my first post, a self-timed shot: