Creative Director + Photographer



I have 11 years of experience in creative direction and photography and I love to bring energy to every project. I can help with storyboarding, content strategy and production that's catered to any platform or medium.



My background in journalism and creative direction sparked my passion for storyboard content creation. I can work independently with business owners or collaboratively with your Public Relations agent.

  • An initial content strategy meeting to establish the desired brand story
  • Assessment of the brand or individual’s current visual marketing content to outline a timeline for integration with the new content
  • Overview of the budget, potential collaborations for brand enhancement, and the vision for the photoshoot(s)

* pricing is available upon request


  • Overview of the brand or individual’s vision for new content
  • Style, inspiration, strategy
  • Discussion of potential collaborations with local talent, artists, and stylists
  • Establishing the budget for single, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly photoshoots for content creation
  • Schedule dates for the photo shoots

*pricing is available upon request


Sessions are available on a single or recurring basis. Edited photos are returned to the client within 7 days of the photo shoot.

  • Story board content shoots
  • Social media and website content shoots
  • Team photoshoots
  • Pre-event photography

*Hourly, project or retainer rates are all available upon request

VOORAY by weston carls.jpg

Vooray Bags

The client wanted light, bright, and fun settings around Austin showcasing an #EverydayHustle look and feel. I commissioned six models and set out to get a variety of settings.


Vuori Clothing

The client came out with a new women's athletic line and wanted to showcase it outdoors in Austin. These are around Butler Park and the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge.

Dynamax Ball 2 by Weston Carls.jpg

Dynamax Medicine Balls

The client wanted to capture both lifestyle and action shots with their medicine balls for social media and print marketing material.